The Curriculum of the Certified SCL Trainer Program

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What’s Inside the SCL Trainer Program

In the online SCL Trainer program I’ll be taking you through the following topics:

  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Introduction
    • 1.2. Showtime
  • 2. The leader of the future
    • 2.1. The history of leadership
    • 2.2. Peter Drucker
    • 2.3. Learning from a great leader
  • 3. Feedforward
    • 3.1. Coaching practice
    • 3.2. Feedforward group exercise
    • 3.3. Feedforward exercise in pairs
  • 4. SCL – Developing leaders around the world
    • 4.1. Ask
    • 4.2. Listen, think & thank
    • 4.3. Respond
    • 4.4. Involve, change & follow-up
    • 4.5. Changing perception with the Roman watch
    • 4.6. Alan Mulally
    • 4.7. When SCLD will not work
    • 4.8. Situational leadership
    • 4.9. Wrap-up

    • Powerpoint slides
    • PDF slides
    • The leader as facilitator article

  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Overview of the SCL Trainer program
    • 1.2. Introduction
    • 1.3. How to interact with the audience
    • 1.4. Finding stories yourself
  • 2. How to train the history of leadership
    • 2. How to train the history of leadership
  • 3. Training Feedforward
    • 3. Training Feedforward
  • 4. Training SCL – Developing leaders
    • 4.1. Exercise about developing leaders
    • 4.2. Training SCL – Developing leaders
    • 4.3. Training changing perception with the Roman watch
    • 4.4. Training about Alan Mullaly
  • 5. SCL Trainer best practices
    • 5.1. How to use the SCL Trainer materials
    • 5.2. How to become an even better trainer
    • 5.3. Comments on “the leader as facilitator” article
    • 5.4. Training the daily questions process
    • 5.5. Training “going back in time” at the end

    • Interview with Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford)
    • Interview with Jim Yong Kim (12th President of the World Bank)
    • Interview with Hubert Joly (CEO of Best Buy)
    • Interview with Aicha Evans (One of America’s Most Powerful Women in Technology)
  • Download links:
    • Download the interview with Alan Mulally
    • Download the interview with Jim Yong Kim
    • Download the interview with Hubert Joly
    • Download the interview with Aicha Evans
  • Interviews with 100 Coaches members:

    • Interview with Bob Nelson
    • Interview with Claire Diaz-Ortiz
    • Interview with Feyzi Fatehi
    • Interview with Jim Moore
    • Interview with Jim Laurens
    • Interview with John Felkins
    • Interview with Marat Atnashev
    • Interview with Molly Tschang
    • Interview with Price Pritchett

  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Introduction
  • 2. Teaching leaders what to stop
    • 2.1. Winning too much
    • 2.2. Adding too much value
    • 2.3. Passing too much judgement
    • 2.4. No, but, however
  • 3. Learning from a great leader
    • 3.1. Change the client
    • 3.2. If the client doesn’t care
    • 3.3. Feedforward exercise
  • 4. Developing yourself as a leader
    • 4.1. Ask
    • 4.2. Think
    • 4.3. Thank
    • 4.4. Respond
  • 5. Leaders and courage
    • 5.1. Leadership is a contact sport
    • 5.2. Changing perception
    • 5.3. Q&A
  • 6. Coaching and humility
    • 6.1. The coaching process
    • 6.2. Stories of clients about coaching
    • 6.3. The heroes exercise
    • 6.4. Hero stories of clients
  • 7. Success
    • 7.1. What matters in life
    • 7.2. Achieving personal and professional success
    • 7.3. What is your MOJO?
    • Stories of clients
  • 8. Personal learnings
    • 8.1. Why Marshall always wears green shirts
    • 8.2. Learnings from Peter Drucker
    • 8.3. What happens when we journey through life
  • 9. The wheel of change
    • 9.1. Creating
    • 9.2. Preserving & Eliminating
    • 9.3. Accepting
  • 10. Discipline
    • 10.1. Why Marshall has so much energy
    • 10.2. Daily question process
    • 10.3. Employee engagement research
    • 10.4. The one question to ask yourself
  • 11. Marshall’s goal in life
    • 11. Marshall’s goal in life

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You can take this video course online at your own pace (about 10-12 hours of video in total) and even watch on your mobile phone. All sessions are supported by downloadable slides and videos which you can access anytime.

You will be also able to download and use all the interviews with world leaders like Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford), Jim Yong Kim (12th President of the World Bank), Hubert Joly (CEO of Best Buy). Additionally you can use the slides I’ve created and used in my presentations when you’re training high level executives.

And when it’s all said and done, you’ll be certified as an SCL Trainer.

Frankly, I recently realized I’m not superman. Nor do I have the capability to run around the globe working with world leaders like I used to.

I know I won’t be able to do this forever, but this mission is so much bigger than me. I want to pass down the torch and give you an opportunity as a high level trainer and speaker to walk in my footsteps.

If you’re just as passionate about training high level executives into becoming the best leaders they can be, then register below now.

What’s The Difference With Coaching?

Coaching is working with leaders one-on-one. This is NOT what this program is about.
This SCL Trainer program is rather about teaching you all the tools and proven secrets you need to be able to train GROUPS of leaders, or speak at (online) conferences/seminars for a GROUP of executives.

So if you would like to speak for groups of executives/leaders, then you’re here at the right place!

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Excerpts from the SCL Trainer program:

One-Time Bonus for Those Who Register Now

For those who register now, they can attend an exclusive online training session with Marshall Goldsmith, Patryk, and Kasia Wezowski (Practice Leaders of the SCL Trainer program), where we will give you in-person feedback/feedforward on what you’re doing well and where you can improve as a trainer.

This is a great opportunity to exercise in front of a live audience, before you deliver your training to executives, and get valuable input from Marshall and other experienced trainers.
This exclusive exercise session is optional, and currently planned for (date to be announced soon). All will be recorded on video, so you can review yourself whenever you like.

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